How to Build Relationships with Bloggers

Support Bloggers

When doing blogger outreach many companies focus in on the most powerful and influential bloggers, which makes perfect sense, but you have to bear in mind that they are inundated with requests and it may be difficult to persuade them to work with you even if you think your product/brand is awesome!

Why should we?

I went to an event a while back and for the life of me I can’t remember who briefly mentioned it, but SEO and Marketing peeps would really benefit from investing in their bloggers in the long run.  I don’t mean this in the monetary sense but in time and expertise.

As always, try to identify bloggers who are best matched to your product and build a relationship with them. They may not be the most influential or highest ranking, but if you share your expertise with them, you may have an in-house technical team that can help with this,  you can help them improve their blogs and thus increase their online influence; which will benefit you and your client in the long run.  Many bloggers are technically savvy but some are not and would be most grateful for the support.

How you can help

Take the time to audit their sites and offer them suggestions for improvement.  Are they self-hosted, if not can you help them make the transition?  Are they aware of Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.  Do they have lots of error pages? Do they have a custom 404 page or know how to set up redirects?  Are they familiar with key words? Have they setup Author Rel?  Could they add a favicon to their site?  Are they aware of Google and the ASAs rules?

If you have the facility and the right person, you could always bring a handful of bloggers in for a days workshop but don’t forget the cake, they love cake.

Now more than ever, with the clamp down by google, building positive relationships with bloggers is crucial.

Flickr Photo Credit andjohan