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We appreciate that not all businesses have the same needs. Some may want to engage in and have budgets for Paid Advertising Campaigns others may not, some may have their Social Media in hand others may need a bit of training to get them going or would like to outsource it.

We pride ourselves in getting to know you and your company and put together a strategy that is right for you and that works alongside your other marketing efforts to boost your Return on Investment (ROI).

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Gabriel Homer

Website Consultant

A webmaster,php,seo,marketer,snowboarding person. I run many sites & help selected clients create businesses online & have since 96

With the array and clients over the last 18 years Gabriel is able use trend analysis from millions of visitors per year to hit large and small scale targets.

Gabriel studied computer science multimedia at university which combined with his experience in a design/branding agency opened many doors for his future as a web/seo/usability consultant.

From sites in niches of Education to fashion, from medical to accountancy Gabriel has worked with many areas of online businesses.

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Chrissie Saunders

Social Media Consultant

5 years ago she found herself immersed into the world of Social Media and still hasn't surfaced. She's an experienced blogger herself and has established her own personal brand on-line. However, she is fully aware that it takes more than a few thousand followers and a ridiculous number of tweets to become an expert in the field but Social Media is now her passion.

She handles all of our blogger outreach for clients and has runs some 'seriously' impressive online campaigns. Chrissie has developed good relationships with a large network of influential bloggers who she can call on to help promote your products or services.

Her background is in training and education and can often be found delivery in-house training on SM and Blogging. If you need someone to come in and talk to your team she's more than happy to do so. She's also been known to do a bit of public speaking, with her experience and bundles of personality, you can be guaranteed that it will not only be informative but entertaining.

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Ruben Woof

Social Dog

Ruben Woof is all over the web with his knowledge of google+ instagram and facebook. With more friends and follower than the avg person he is well worth talking to about web engagement

We’ve done very well with our website. We've worked hard on it. We've just changed it as well. We have a fantastic web designer/developer and now I’ve got an expert on the SEO side and a programmer. We’ve been meeting for the past 7 or 8 years and my sales on there are about 35% of my turnover. So yes, it does work. But the growth had to be organic and steady. You can’t rush it. We get lots of orders from abroad as well.

Sturart Gordon

Marketing - ApacheOnline


Much more than just Content, Just outreach, Just SEO, Just programing, Just Social, Just stuff - RippleGen.com

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